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Dem-Master is a specialist decommissioning solution provider working  in high hazard process and power industries, pharmaceutical, food and drink manufacture, nuclear, automotive, defence and industrial sectors.

Dem-Master offer bespoke decommissioning solutions designed to reduce the costs and risks associated when planning closure of individual processes or complete plants and facilities.  Our full turnkey solutions from initial surveys and feasibility studies to decontamination and dismantling, recycling, asset recovery and land remediation solutions.

Dem-Master employ leading decommissioning and demolition industry professionals with the technical and managerial capabilities to tackle the most complex decommissioning challenges in demanding and challenging environments.

Our company ethos is safety first and this is shared from site based staff all the way through the company to our directors.  Our project delivery strategy is defined by our customers requirements, and our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Decommissioning requires a thorough assessment of the facility condition including structural state, followed by defining the end state for the facility. This then allows Dem-Master to strategically plan the approach and decommissioning strategy to achieve the end state in the safest most cost effective manner.

We have a proven process that has helped keep our people safe, our clients reputation protected, this pursuit of excellence in everything we do is what makes Dem-Master unique in the way we approach and manage project risks.