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Dem-Master decontamination services are often provided as part of our turnkey decommissioning and demolition solutions.

The main risks associated with demolition of complex power and process plants is the unknown state the facility has been left in.  These unknown risks when discovered part way through demolition can cause risks to personnel, programme and cost.

Our Characterisation, Decontamination and Demolition or Dismantling methodology is a proven process to highlight the required decontamination strategy and level required to highlight the areas of concern.  Characterisation of potential hazards is key to protecting people and the environment, A desktop study is undertaken with client engineers to understand the processes and materials involved, a prior contamination and radiological monitoring may be necessary at this stage, including definition of contamination and waste disposal routes.

This then allows Dem-Master to design the decontamination approach and design for demolition, allowing manual intervention to deal with hazards at source without breaking containment where possible. If a break in containment is required then this can be planned having the right controls and procedures in place to deal with any substances, including COSHH Data Sheets, Personal Protective Equipment, Vessels for containment and quarantine.  Design of ventilation and containment systems including any enabling works prior to dismantling and demolition taking place.

Methods include Wipes and Abrasives, Purging, Wrap, Cut and prepare for demolition.