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When it comes to preparing a site for demolition Dem-master have all the knowledge to reduce cost and risk.  We understand the safest way to decommission and isolate a facility or building to allow the safe demolition by the quickest most efficient method


Decontamination of a site or plant can be costly for the owner or operator and add risks through lack of experience and equipment required to safely remove and dispose of hazardous materials.  We have over 20 years experience in dealing with these issues


Over the past 3 decades Dem-master have undertaken a varied scope of projects from inner city and residential high rise demolition to demolition on live hazardous process and power facilities, our systems allow identification and reduction of risks


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Asbestos Surveys & Removal

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Asset Recovery

Dem-master offer totally independent UKAS accredited analysis and asbestos surveys to a fully accredited asbestos removal service complying with all current asbestos licensing legislation, with continued investment in personnel training.

From bulk earthworks to land remediation and restoration, we have managed a whole range of land remediation challenges from hydrocarbon contamination, to hazardous chemicals, we can develop a cost effective solution quickly

With our own in-house waste management company, this allows us to manage the seamless removal of waste from our projects.  Through investment in innovative waste recycling solutions we can divert waste from landfill and reduce cost

Understanding the markets of end users and buyers of recoverable assets is key to generating maximum income for our clients.  Here at Dem-master we have built up a reputation for maximising value for our clients, this ensures we stay very competitive

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Dem-master have invested in the latest demolition technology enabling the most complex inner city, high rise demolition projects to be managed safely, and efficiently, with minimum disruption to local businesses and the general public offering total client satisfaction

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